Is The 1 2 3 Style Me Course For YOU?

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123 Style Me: The 10 Steps To Style Success

You’re in the fashion business whether you like it or not, so what are you saying to the world through what you wear? 93% of communication is non-verbal, and 55% of that is made up of body language alone. With that in mind, fashion is a fantastic vehicle – an ice breaker - that can help you to connect with others and achieve your goals.

‘123 Style Me’ is a 10-step plan to help you identify your personal style and build a beautiful wardrobe on a solid budget. The online course was specifically designed to help you understand the difference between style and fashion online, in your own time. This is a course you can refer back to over the years to come to help you continue to develop your personal brand. Whether you are a full time Mom, a corporate executive, a teacher or an entrepreneur, what you wear is an extension of your personality and it’s what the world sees first.

With content and video coaching from all over the world – South Africa, London, America – here is a basic overview of what the course entails:   

  1. Vision
    1. Going shopping without a clear vision of your personal style is not only frustrating and costly, but you could be wearing clothes that do not represent who you are. This directly impacts how people perceive and engage with you.
  2. Your Style Profile
    1. There are 4 primary personality types and our personalities are intricately connected to how we like to dress. Using this simple, powerful profiling tool as a lead (not a label) into your style preferences, you will very quickly understand why you have so much navy in your wardrobe, why half your closet is on the floor or perhaps why you don’t like skinny jeans.
  3. Dressing up from the inside out
    1. Beauty is an inside job and confidence is key. So we believe that spending a little time on internal issues first has a massive impact on how we dress.
  4. I love my body
    1. A rather bold statement! This campaign became a powerful movement almost overnight, and has set 1000’s of women free from self-loathing, self-criticism and either avoiding shopping or over-shopping. We are out of time. While we criticise ourselves and our bodies in the mirror, teenagers are considering plastic surgery, 5 year olds are on anti-depressants, and our kids are watching. It’s time to become part of the solution, to start loving ourselves well so that we can love and influence others better.
  5. It’s about time
    1. Everyone’s biggest challenge in almost every area of life is time. If you are serious about being the best version of yourself that you can be, then mastering the elements of time is a must. This powerful tool provides skills that will bring organisation, peace and fabulous fashion fruit to your life.
  6. Money, honey
    1. If you don’t have a clear, set budget for your closet, you will find yourself either over-spending or shopping at thrift stores and sales which usually leaves your closet bulging with items that you never wear. This finance tool is simple, it works and it will bring you freedom and peace of mind and it will restore to the fun factor to fashion!
  7. Capsule Wardrobe
    1. This term was coined in the 70’s by London boutique owner, Susie Faux and later developed further by Donna Karan. Just like building a house that needs a strong foundation upon which you can add your personal choice of windows, tiling and colour, your closet needs a strong foundation of versatile, inter-changeable pieces that form the base of many outfits. LindaPaige brings you the 30 essential items that are considered staple items in any wardrobe, with a few surprises here and there! A Capsule Wardrobe closet will help you to manage your time, your money and give you a boost of confidence in selecting quality over quantity. 
    2. Culling (clearing out) your closet achieves a clearing of your mind at the same time. Decluttering your closet will make space for new, staple items that will serve you well as well as make space in your head for fresh new outfit ideas.
  8. Hair, Make-up and Accessories
    1. We are surrounded with items and options that help us to dress up or dress down our outfits – this can be helpful but sometimes all the options can be overwhelming, too. We have included in the course content on how to ensure that you are including your hair and make-up in your personal style, and how to use accessorise to either simplify your outfit or make a bold and beautiful statement.
  9. Edify, Edify, Edify
    1. When you wear pieces that are eye catching and conversation starting, you will find that fashion is a powerful relationship builder. If real estate is all about location, location, location then fashion is all about edify, edify, edify! We teach you during this chapter of the course how to use fashion as a relationship builder.

  10. KISS: Keep It Simple, Sister!

    1. This 10-step recipe is simple, it works and you can do it! We don’t know how much time we have on this beautiful planet, and in that time, we have the opportunity to do great things. When we position ourselves in line with our faith and beliefs, you will find that fashion is a powerful vehicle through which you really can change the world! So thank you for your decision to invest in yourself, your family and your professional life by getting up, dressing up and being a bold light on a hill. As you do that, 90% of the profits of your purchase of this course goes directly to King’s Ransom (please insert hyperlink) as we put fashion to work for the poor.



  1. ‘Faith in Fashion’ videos – what does our Creator say about how we dress?
  2. 4 PDF documents:
    1. eBook ‘Eve of Fashion’
    2. Summary of The 10 Steps
    3. Summary of the Capsule Wardrobe items
    4. Comprehensive outline with itemised description of the 30 items of the Capsule Wardrobe

As an Ambassador of your faith, your family and your business, we are excited to come alongside you and help you put your best foot forward!