God's REAL plan for marriage

If you want to learn the secrets to God's REAL plan for marriage, the blessings He created to ensure honour, love, trust and faithfulness between you and your spouse, as well as capture the spice and fun factor, then I cannot recommend highly enough that you have an exploratory conversation with our marriage coach, our friend and brother, Rabbi Natan Alexander. This man is SO FOR our marriage, and so biblically equipped to help us apply the power tools available to every husband and wife.

I am so thankful to my coach, Dani Johnson, who introduced us to him in Israel - nobody knew then that he would become our marriage coach. Today I thank my heavenly Father for Dani, for Natan, and for Dr Caroline Leaf who has led me into my 100th day of her online '21 day brain detox' that has KILLED the lie that marriage is hard work!! I choose to walk and talk the TRUTH that marriage is a privilege and a blessing ❤️ and if I can return from almost twice divorced, friend, then I know that you can do it too 💕

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