Go For Gold

There just is not another person on the planet apart from her husband who gives me business advice based on my role in the home. How many multi-millionaires do you know who guide you to create your schedules around your marriage and your children?

8 months ago I agreed to giving time to our corporate business that I had no business giving. I did not have the hours to give away, so unsurprisingly, I burnt out after 7 months of trying to do it all. I have made the mistake before, but I feel I really, really get it this time.

Today I celebrated my last day with our company. Because the truth is I allowed myself to be pulled back in because of pride. I knew I was needed. I knew I had the specialist skills. I was looking forward to the boardroom level recognition I was accustomed to years ago. And traveling to new countries to do business in a rich, multi cultural environment appealed to me. But the price was time with my children and peace in my home.

I am grateful once again to my coach and mentor, Dani Johnson, for reminding me so gently that I am a full time home schooling Mom with a part time fashion business. And whose 'Time Secrets' programme equips me with the powerful skills I need to stay on track. Because there IS a way to be happily married, raise beautiful kids, travel the world and see your childhood dream business come to life!

I have some stunning Mom friends who face similar challenges. And I want to say to you today: thank you for agreeing that we are Fabulous Full Time Moms first before we are business women. And thank you for getting up, dressing up and living up to the calling on your life, reminding me that I am not alone in my pursuit of big hairy scary dreams...in order of priority. I share with love what my Heavenly Father has told me 3 times in 12 days: GO FOR GOLD! I run this race with you ❤️ #timesecrets