And your environment is EVERYTHING. I shudder to think where I would be without my Heavenly Father who gave me my coach and mentor, and my DaniJohnson community.

The business and financial stewardship training at 'Creating A Dynasty' (an advanced leadership and business training seminar) does not carry a price tag, it is invaluable. The communication skills training is the best on the planet. The sales and marketing training is the most powerful results-driven coaching I have ever applied. The entrepreneurial and traditional business coaching is utterly unique.

Yet, it's the force of love, the acceptance and the powerful encouragement that keeps me coming back for more. These people are highly successful entrepreneurs, multi-millionaires, senior executives in the global market place, yet you would never know. They lead with love, with empowering others, with a GIVING STRATEGY.

Thank you, Hans and Dani Johnson, for being the son and daughter, the husband and wife, the father and mother, and the brave entrepreneurs who took the first step to climbing of the barrel, only to turn around and reach down to lift the rest of us up and out. I believe the only time you will recognise just how much your love has saved lives and souls is the day you step into your mansion in heaven...where the eternal home our Elohim has for you will be the evidence of what you have done for so many. You equip and empower us to go and do the very thing that we are called to do!

Thank you my much loved DJC family, for sowing words of life and belief into me and my family. My toolkit is expanded, my heart is full, my cup overflows because of you.

Whatever you have done, wherever you have been, in my coach's powerful words: "Do not let your past mentor you." No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no human heart has conceived...the splendour and mystery our Father has for us! #forourchildrenschildren