Ten Pin Bowling & A Pillow Fight

If you are one of those driven, intense, ambitious, competitive personalities, you probably need to do more of the 1 thing that I also need to do: PLAY! This was my son's face today when I told him that when I get back, we are going to have a pillow fight for the first time in his 9 year life and Mom is even going ten pin bowling with him! Because until now I have refused to play with him because I suck at it!!! In-between all the life changing training this weekend are these little nuggets of gold that teach me that playing and losing to my son is more important than the thrill of winning. That might sound really obvious to you, but my brain is wired differently. And I have a feeling that my precious little engineer is going to whip my butt as well as that of his feisty little mini-Mom old sister, and I can't wait to lose to him ❤️ 

How is it that the most powerful business, financial and communication coaching in the world has me excited about losing a game and looking forward to my first ever pillow fight?! Because my coach equips me how to lead in life with faith, then marriage, then my children, friends and family, and business last. Isn't it interesting that as a direct result of this, we are debt free and more financially strong today than we have ever been!!! 

I don't know about you, but if the sound of less work and more play and maybe even a playful pillow fight holds any kind of appeal, your next step is to get registered for the next live event at www.danijohnson.com - I will see you there! #firststepstosuccess  #danijohnson  #losetowin