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Accommodation and Destination


Lanzerac Wine Estate, established in 1692, is a storied landmark in Stellenbosch with deep-rooted history and Cape heritage. Nestled in Jonkershoek Valley, it offers breathtaking views and lush vineyards. Evolving from a historic homestead to a sophisticated Manor House in 1959, Lanzerac merges the charm of a country hotel with a renowned wine estate. The property, now a Provincial Heritage Site, underwent significant transformations under various influential owners, notably Elizabeth Catherina ‘Kitty’ English, who renamed it Lanzerac and elevated its winemaking prestige. Its evolution continued under successive owners, enhancing its reputation in wine production and luxury. Despite a devastating fire in 2017, Lanzerac was restored, reopening in 2018, blending its historical grandeur with modern luxury, and remains a quintessential part of Stellenbosch’s cultural and vinicultural landscape.

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