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Who Is This For?

This annual event is for LindaPaige coaching clients only, ie. those who are in or have completed 'Confidence Through The Power Of Personal Style'.  Each year, Linda hosts an exclusive event to celebrate the 20 women who choose to go to the next level of coaching with her. It is for the woman who is serious about powering up in business and in beauty, and serious about feeding her spirit of adventure at the same time!

What To Expect

Our journey will take you straight to the luxury of the internationally acclaimed Cape Winelands. Here you will level up in business, negotiation and leadership skills training in an all inclusive 5 star hotel location that will see to your every personal need. Once business is taken care of, you will enjoy breathtaking landscapes, discover the Mother City, enjoy some thrill seeking adventure, and unwind in the lap of local luxury. A perfect blend of leisure, learning, and lavish comfort. See the 'Itinerary' tab for a detailed overview of the event agenda. 

Radical Results

Carefully crafted by Linda, this journey is designed to be transformative. Yes, it's a luxury international trip full of pampering and surprises. Yes, it's a world class, award winning business training event. But Linda is all about results. So you can expect a profound shift in perspective and skills, leading to lasting, impactful change in your life. The cherry on top will be the relationships you form with the other 19 VIP clients, all on a similar mission to continue getting up, dressing up and living the rest of their life as the best of their life!



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