Your personality is intricately connected to your wardrobe. Our 4 primary styles are based on Dani Johnson’s GEMS© profile, a powerful tool that assesses your communication preferences (and like all useful tools, it is there to guide you, not define you), and identifies why you like (and vehemently dislike!) certain clothing. Armed with that powerful knowledge…


The Emerald is motivated by facts and figures, structure and order. She is highly organised, utterly reliable and retains specific and general knowledge extremely well. The Emerald is highly motivated by cleanliness, neatness and order, and this will show up in all areas of her life. She prefers to operate in a black & white state of mind, she is thorough and concise, and she is at her best when she is able to give and receive clear instructions for all tasks to hand. The Emerald woman is all about effectiveness and efficiency, and loves to use systems in her life to bring that about. Her wardrobe is practical, organised with longevity.


The Emerald secondary GEM will either be Emerald/Pearl or Emerald/Sapphire. (Visit these individual Style Profiles to understand each one separately.)


The Emerald/Pearl will be an organised, efficient woman with a slant toward the soft Pearl tough. You will notice softer fabrics in her outfits. The Emerald/Ruby will be an organised, efficient but with a slant toward the best dressed heart of the Ruby. You will notice more expensive and branded items in her outfits.


Identify your primary style as a first step, because not only will that explain your wardrobe and equip you with tools to dress beautifully, but it will ensure that you are living according to your design, rather than according to your habits.