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I am going to give you 4 compelling reasons why you need to learn how to build a beautiful wardrobe, on a budget, customized to your body, your personality, and your lifestyle.

1: Your money. Studies have shown that when clients or companies looking to hire skills or services are faced with 2 women with the same level of skills, value and expertise, they will go for the better dressed option. Why? Because a well-dressed woman exudes confidence and excellence, and that’s good for their brand. That, my friend, translates to more money in your pocket.

2: Your time. When you add up all the time you have wasted on shopping for the wrong items in the wrong color at the wrong price, then going home and trying to mix, match and accessorize it without the know-how, you will find thousands of hours over the years…wasted. Style is just a skill. There is a recipe that will make you more effective, more efficient, and simplify and systemize your getup/dress up routine.

3: Your fun. Fashion is an extension of you! It’s a form of expression! And within that same recipe are the tools and skills you need to learn how to play with fashion in a way that highlights your best bits and makes dressing up fun and fabulous.

4: Your heart. In my coaching program, I teach the art of ‘dressing to connect’, which will 10x your success. And we start with the woman in the mirror. Beauty is an inside job, and once you learn to dress on the outside in a way that accurately reflects the woman on the inside…well, that’s gold. 

What you wear can radically change your life. Since the age of 17, with no education, no skills, no experience, no clue, I was often invited, selected, recruited and promoted because of my personal style.

In this case study I will show you how to stop waiting for the weight. I will show you how to go from the queen of low self-esteem to the queen of confidence. I will show you that looking good is not expensive. I will introduce you to women who went from frumpy, frustrated and overlooked, to fashionable and influential. Women who went from pretty, to powerful. No more dressing down and blending into the background. No more playing small and apologizing for your power.

There is nothing else like this coaching program out there. Complete with digital training, 1-on-1 mentorship, products, tools and even some beautiful bling, this coaching program will equip and empower you to get up, dress up and be that bold light on a hill that you know you’re called to be!

It’s time, friend, to go from your average style status quo to a confident, bold, beautiful tomorrow!


“I was 22 before I started dressing myself with no outside rules. By then, I knew only two things for sure: that I really wanted to dress with style and confidence, and that I had no idea how to do that. What I did have was an amazing husband with great style  and he was the one who introduced me to Linda. 

I went from being someone who literally hated my face and who would end up in tears every time I tried to dress up, to being someone who faces the camera with confidence and absolutely adores any opportunity to dress up - which is every day! I went from feeling unworthy to stand next to my stylish, handsome husband, to dressing up for date night and having his response be: “Well, now I have to go change because you look amazing!” I went from hiding within myself and playing small because that was all I believed I was capable of, to getting multiple job offers and launching my own business. 

I don’t know where you’re at. Maybe you’ve got your style figured out and maybe your self-confidence is off the charts. But if that’s not you, you need to book a call with the powerhouse that is Linda Potgieter. She changed my life. She could do the same for you.”


Texas, USA


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