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Who Is This For?

This event is for women who want to restore their self-esteem, boost their self-confidence and expand their influence, income, and fulfillment in life. Practically, Linda will empower and equip you with the style strategies to build a beautiful wardrobe on a budget, according to your body shape and your lifestyle. But secretly, she will help you to fall in love with the woman in the mirror. That’s the gold behind this ticket.

What To Expect

It would be easier to say what not to expect! Linda will be teaching you why what you wear impacts everything in your life and how to dress on the outside to reflect the woman on the inside. She will teach you precisely how to evict the perfectionist, how to stop waiting for the weight, go from overlooked to overbooked, how to identify and dress your body shape, apply her 123-Color-Me methodology, learn how her other clients went from single to married, how to use posture and body language to create positive perceptions, how to establish a powerful, predictable get up/dress up morning routine, how to shop, from which brands, how to mix and match…and so much more!

Radical Results

This is not your regular personal development conference. This 2-day practical, visual workshop is designed to remove the blinkers and boulders holding you back and transform your life from frumpy and frustrated to confident, bold, and beautiful! Come and learn from a woman who has overcome physical, sexual, and emotional abuse and eliminated the pain and shame of her body. Come and meet the woman who used to hate the woman in the mirror - no matter what she weighed, what she wore, or what she won – she was her own professional critic. Come and meet Linda and learn just how she went from the Queen of Low Self Esteem to getting up, dressing up, high-fiving the woman in the mirror, and being a confident, bold light on a hill!

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