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Dress Code
“Never have I ever had so much fun dressing up for a 2-day conference!”
That’s what you will be saying after this experience.

When it comes to what to wear this weekend, follow Linda’s lead: GET UP, DRESS UP, AND BE A BOLD LIGHT ON A HILL. 

Where else will you meet some of the incredible women you’ve been learning and doing life with the past few years, or meet the amazing women of the LindaPaige community for the first time, and look and feel your absolute best, KNOWING that as you walk into the room, you will be admired and respected for the woman you are? Where else will you enjoy a creative license to dress in a way that says, “This is me”? We’re not talking over the top crazy, although that has its place; we’re simply saying be intentional, be sharp, and dress in a way that will position you to listen, learn, laugh, and connect! You never know who you’re going to meet. And what you wear is an extension, an expression, of you.

SO, DRESS TO CONNECT. That’s the dress code. 

Travel home to Dallas: Be intentional about what you wear as you travel. Your personal style is not limited to what you wear but includes your luggage, your airport body language, your make-up bag, everything. So use this special event to train yourself to get up, dress up and intend to attract and meet some amazing people and opportunities!

Thursday 20 June, 18h30 to 20h00
Friday 21 June, 07hoo to 08h00

Day 1: Bold and Beautiful

Evening Live Q&A with Linda: Smart Casual, Comfy & Curious – bring your pen and pad, bring your questions, and connect with Linda in a more relaxed, intimate setting where you are invited to ask her any question you need help with. Geography, Physics, and Math are excluded. Fashion Math allowed.

Day 2: Fun with Fashion

(Optional) Sexy Sassy Social: You’re invited to hang out with Linda and the crew to meet, greet, eat, and create some memories.

Travel Dallas to home: Plan and pack an outfit that will reflect the fantastic time you just had. Comfortable and stylish are not mutually exclusive. Be smart. Be comfortable. Be a bold light.

As for the woman to your right and to your left this weekend, remember: SHE IS AMAZING. You’ve never walked a day in her shoes. You don’t have a clue what she’s going through. Yet, here she is, investing in herself to be the best she can be, learning to overcome, to arise and shine. A confident woman actively looks for opportunities to uplift other women! So before you even walk into day 1, your first invitation is to meet and receive her as the pretty damn spectacular woman she is. 

Introvert, extrovert, or neutralvert, introduce yourself. Make connections. DRESS TO CONNECT. Wear on the outside outfits that communicate the woman on the inside. You are wired for COLOR, for COMMUNITY, and for CONNECTION.

We can’t wait to see what you wear!
PS: No stressing about dressing here, gorgeous! If you are stumped for what to wear, well, you’ll be in good hands.

WHAT TO WEAR with Linda

What you wear impacts EVERYTHING: your money, your mood, your marriage, your mojo. Joining the LindaPaige community means that you will start learning instantly how to identify your own personal style and remove your dependency on all the fashion fads and mags out there. Whether you work in an office, from home, whether you’re a homeschooling Mom, a realtor, a part-time business owner, or anything in between, Linda is passionate about helping women learn that STYLE IS JUST A SKILL. From dresses to jeans to blazers to weddings to dates, smart casual or red carpet outfits, Linda’s expertise dates back to when she started working at age 17, where she says, “What I wore got me in the door.” 

What you wear speaks volumes about you. So it makes sense to learn how to dress on the outside to reflect the woman on the inside, especially in this AI era where we need to be much more intentional about connecting and influencing across technology. 


Join the private community where Linda shares all her fashion finds with members of the LindaPaige community, from shoes to accessories, bras and bikinis, blazers, occasion wear, and the works. Her list of 40+ recommended brands will help you to shortcut your online and in-store shopping efforts. And her 35-plus years of building closets for different seasons, cultures, industries, and countries will take you from zero to hero in your personal style journey. And remember: style is just a skill.
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