Your personality is intricately connected to your wardrobe. Our 4 primary styles are based on Dani Johnson’s GEMS© profile, a powerful tool that assesses your communication preferences (and like all useful tools, it is there to guide you, not define you), and identifies why you like (and vehemently dislike!) certain clothing. Armed with that powerful knowledge…


The Pearl is motivated by serving others. She is a beautifully natured, gentle and loving person who loves to help. A Pearl is often taken advantage of if she has not invested in her communication and personal development skills, as saying “no” to someone is very hard for her to do. But the well-rounded, Godly rooted Pearl is a wonderful example of leadership, because she leads through serving. The Pearl is at her best when she is helping, serving and taking care of others, and is at her best when she has ensured that she takes care of herself, too. Her wardrobe is comfortable and gentle.


The Pearl’s secondary GEM will either be Pearl/Emerald or Pearl/Sapphire. (Visit these individual Style Profiles to understand each one separately.)


The Pearl/Emerald will be a gentle, loving woman but with a strong slant toward the organised, structured heart of the Emerald. You will notice more order in her outfits. The Pearl/Sapphire will be a gentle, loving woman but with a slant toward the playful, colourful heart of the Sapphire. You will notice more colour in her wardrobe.


Identify your primary style as a first step, because not only will that explain your wardrobe and equip you with tools to dress beautifully, but it will ensure that you are living according to your design, rather than according to your habits.