If that’s you, we are very excited to offer you a highly customised personal style service at a very special LindaPaige price!

As a professional model, actress & film producer, Tarryn has extensive experience in fashion & personal style.  Hand-picked by Linda (Founder of LindaPaige), she has a unique set of skills that makes her the perfect choice for the LindaPaige client.

As a busy Mom with a demanding part time career in fashion and film, Tarryn understands the need for a functional & fabulous wardrobe. She knows the importance of reaching into your closet for that practical school run outfit, and she understands the need to reach for a business meeting ensemble, a cocktail party dress or a red carpet ready gown. 

What sets her apart, however, is her ability to be frugal and faithful with her time and money. Tarryn's minimalist approach combined with her organised nature and eye for detail makes her easy to work with and utterly trustworthy with your budget! 

Having worked with both men & women on set and off, we are very excited to introduce you to Tarryn Meaker, our Personal Stylist who will help you to develop your own personal style that fits your personality, your lifestyle and your budget. Living in one of the fashion capitals of the world, Tarryn is perfectly positioned to understand your style and lifestyle needs and lead you directly to the online and in-store retailers that will meet your style needs.

So if you are a man or a woman serious about communicating through the power of wardrobe, if you want to turn more heads, if you want to inject some passion into your relationship or your marriage, restore order to your wardrobe and take the stressing out of dressing, email Stylist@lindapaige.com for an exploratory online consultation from the comfort of your home. 


In person consultation (10 hours): Standard rate @ $120/hour = $1, 200.00

LindaPaige rate @ $70/hour = $700.00

Online consultation (5 hours): Standard (TM) rate @ $120/hour = $600

LindaPaige rate @ $70 per hour = $350.00


Note: Only ‘123 Style Me’ graduates qualify for a consultation with our Personal Stylist. Why? Because when you invest in our online course, you will save yourself a lot of money by applying The 10 Steps To Style Success to get your mind and your wardrobe ready for Tarryn’s personal touch.