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Empowering Women: The Journey to Self-Love and Beauty

Embrace Your Worth

Do you believe that you deserve to look and feel beautiful? Do you deserve to walk into a room, turn heads, and be respected and admired as a woman of substance, strength, beauty, and success? Empowering women starts with recognizing their worth and embracing their inner and outer beauty.

Understanding Deserve

There's a regrettable mindset that we deserve nothing, rooted in certain religious teachings. While I understand the original Christian context, constantly saying, "I deserve nothing" doesn't sit right with me. The word "deserve" comes from the Latin "deservire," meaning to serve well or zealously. It implies being worthy of merit or acknowledgment when we serve well. So, do you deserve to look and feel beautiful? Absolutely, if you serve well.

Beauty: An Inside Job

Beauty is the condition of the heart; it begins within. However, our bodies are not disconnected from our inner selves. The body is a holy temple that houses our soul. Therefore, it's not just about looking good for others but honoring our bodies as a reflection of our inner spirit.

A Spirit of Excellence

A spirit of excellence within you will always want to do more and better. Don't let teachings that encourage complacency hold you back. Striving for excellence in how you present yourself is not vanity; it's about being a good ambassador for your faith, family, business, and community. Empowering women means embracing this spirit of excellence and letting it shine through every aspect of your life.

Personal Presentation

Having a simplified, systemized morning routine for getting up and dressing up sets the tone for a beautiful day. This not only impacts your self-esteem but also how others perceive you. Whether at work, church, or in personal relationships, being well-presented conveys that you respect yourself and the people you interact with.

Relationships and Empowering Women

If you're in a relationship where you're encouraged to dress down or made to feel less than beautiful, listen to those warning bells. A supportive partner will celebrate your beauty, compliment you, and encourage you to shine. Empowering women involves recognizing when a relationship is detrimental to your self-esteem and taking steps to ensure you are with someone who supports your spirit of beauty.

A Personal Experience

I once walked into a hall full of friends and family on my 21st birthday, feeling beautiful in a black lace dress. My partner at the time, who I later married, cruelly commented that I looked like a prostitute just before we entered. This crushed my spirit, but over time, I've learned to listen to my instincts and understand my worth. Empowering women means sharing these experiences to help others recognize and avoid such toxic relationships.


You are called to do great things in life, and you need a partner who supports you in doing those great things. Recognize your worth, embrace your beauty, and strive for excellence. Empowering women is about lifting each other up and ensuring we all shine our brightest light.

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