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WHAT TO WEAR for a short trip away.

WHAT TO WEAR: You'll be driving a couple of hours to the coast for an overnight stay. Quick comfort and energy are essential.  

Once again, SIMPLE is my MO.  

A white (cap wardrobe) tee with cargo pants and either flats or sandals requires no thought. Pit stopping for the loo means my cross-body bag will carry my essentials and keep me hands free for my girl and any navigating or paying. This luggage set I invested in comes in 4 sizes, which meets my short—and long-haul travel needs, and offers 3 different handle heights.


It’s the little things that often make such a difference.  

Collage of a stylish woman with short gray hair wearing a white t-shirt, black pants, and black sandals, posing with a gold crossbody bag and a gray suitcase. Close-up of the same woman pointing at her outfit, and a detail shot of the suitcase next to a cozy, patterned jacket.

Tee: Witchery - superb quality and longer at the back  

Bralette: Amazon  

Cargo pants: Zara  

Cross body bag: gift from a local boutique  

Shoes: Woolworths, South Africa  

Cabin carry-on: Delsey  

Remember, style is not limited to what you wear. It extends to your luggage, stationery, makeup, and comfy, quick-go-to ensembles. 

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