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WHAT TO WEAR when you are dog tired from another sleepless night

We’ve all had those nights where sleep seems like a distant dream. Whether it's due to stress, anxiety, or the ever-persistent menofreakingpause, waking up feeling like you've just exited a sandstorm or an all-night pub is no fun. On such days, the thought of applying makeup can be overwhelming. So, what’s the solution? Simple is key.

Collage of a stylish woman with short gray hair, wearing a black outfit and pink lipstick. Close-up shots highlight her makeup and earrings, while a full-body shot shows her in a black top and pants with pink loafers. She poses confidently, showcasing a chic and elegant look.

What To Wear:

Simple Makeup

When your eyes are screaming for relief, skip the eye makeup. Instead, go for a minimalistic approach: a good foundation to even out your skin tone, a touch of blusher to add some life to your cheeks, and a bold lipstick to inject a dose of energy into your look. The bold lip will not only brighten your face but also your mood.

Simple Fashion

On those sluggish mornings, I turn to black. It’s classic, always in style, and exudes strength and focus. Plus, it’s comfortable and breathable, perfect for getting through the day without adding to your discomfort.

Simple Shoes

Comfort is non-negotiable when you’re running on empty. Choose flat shoes that are both stylish and sassy. My go-to? Something in a vibrant color like hot pink. It catches my eye and gives me an instant energy boost.

Simple Bling

When it comes to accessories, less is more on low-energy days. Opt for smaller, lighter pieces that still catch the light. Cute little earrings, a blingy watch, and a single bracelet are perfect. They add just the right amount of sparkle without weighing you down.

Adapt Your Routine

On those slow, low days, it’s crucial to have alternatives to your usual dress-up routine. Remember, you are stronger than you think, and your clothing can help cover, position, and energize you if you train it accordingly.

What do you wear when you need energy and upliftment? Let me see your choices.

  • Top: Nicci Boutique, Cape Town

  • Cargo pants: Zara

  • Shoes: Steve Madden

  • Bling: Konplott

Invest in Versatile Pieces

I love big, bold earrings, but there are plenty of times when I opt for my little bling to see me through long days. They still catch the light and make me feel feminine and pretty. Invest in pieces that are bold and full of movement, as well as those that are small, sweet, and stylish.

Makeup and Outfit Tips

On sandstorm-eye days, stick to the foundation and a dash of bold lipstick. It brings energy and focus to your look, especially on long admin days when a smile can go a long way.

Today, my home office outfit is super simple: black finished off with simple dashes of bold. It’s perfect for carrying me through a long day with love and support after an intense and sleepless week.

Embrace simplicity and let your style work for you, even on the toughest days.

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