Your personality is intricately connected to your wardrobe. Our 4 primary styles are based on Dani Johnson’s GEMS© profile, a powerful tool that assesses your communication preferences (and like all useful tools, it is there to guide you, not define you), and identifies why you like (and vehemently dislike!) certain clothing. Armed with that powerful knowledge…


The Ruby is motivated by money and/or challenge! She has strong independent traits and loves to lead. She is quick to take decisions, has an extra dose of confidence, and is fearless in the face of a challenge. The Ruby has a persistent, courageous and determined nature, and she loves to win. This applies to her wardrobe, as well. She will dress to impress and loves to be the best dressed in the room. She is drawn to the most expensive item on the list, whether it’s dinner on a menu or the pair of branded shoes. Her wardrobe is expensive, classy and modern.


The Ruby’s secondary GEM will either be Ruby/Emerald or Ruby/Sapphire. (Visit these individual Style Profiles to understand each one separately.)


The Ruby/Emerald will be a driven, well dressed woman but with a strong slant toward the organised, structured heart of the Emerald. You will notice a darker and more practical touch to her wardrobe. The Ruby/Sapphire will be a driven, well dressed woman but with a slant toward the playful, colourful heart of the Sapphire. You will notice more colour and expression in her outfits.


Identify your primary style as a first step, because not only will that explain your wardrobe and equip you with tools to dress beautifully, but it will ensure that you are living according to your design, rather than according to your habits.