Your personality is intricately connected to your wardrobe. Our 4 primary styles are based on Dani Johnson’s GEMS© profile, a powerful tool that assesses your communication preferences (and like all useful tools, it is there to guide you, not define you), and identifies why you like (and vehemently dislike!) certain clothing. Armed with that powerful knowledge…


The Sapphire is motivated by fun! She loves colour and she loves people. She is a talkative, animated, bubbly character who often has a great sense of humour. She loves to laugh, play and discover new things. The Sapphire woman can usually be heard and recognised from a distance. She is often loud or laughing, and her wardrobe is equally loud – she loves bright colours and all things sparkly. She will dye her hair purple if she feels the need for more colour in her life. Her wardrobe is fun, bright and playful.


The Sapphire’s secondary GEM will either be Sapphire/Pearl or Sapphire/Ruby. (Visit these individual Style Profiles to understand each one separately.)


The Sapphire/Pearl will be colourful and fun, but with a softer touch toward the Pearl heart, which is all about loving and serving. You will notice a softer flow of fabric in her wardrobe. The Sapphire/Ruby will be still be colourful and fun, but with a lean toward the Ruby heart which is motivated by competing and looking good. You will notice a more expensive touch to her wardrobe.


Identify your primary style as a first step, because not only will that explain your wardrobe and equip you with tools to dress beautifully, but it will ensure that you are living according to your design, rather than according to your habits.