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Saturday, April 1, 2023
8am  - 11:30am PST / 11am  -  2:30pm EST


What if I told you that there is a recipe, a proven, rock-solid formula for you to get up, dress up, feel and look confident and beautiful, and absolutely love the woman in the mirror…what would you think???

I am here to tell you that it IS possible. If I can go from truly hating what I saw in the mirror – whether I was skinny-malinky or chubby-bunny I always saw ugly - to genuinely embracing my body and my beauty, so can you. If I can go from zero self-esteem to rock solid in my IDENTITY with unapologetic confidence, SO CAN YOU.  

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No more waiting for the weight. No more comparing yourself to others. No more condemning your spirit of beauty. No more fear of judgment, criticism, or rejection. No more wasting time and money shopping in the wrong places, buying the wrong things, never wearing them, and having a closet full of clothes yet thinking, “I have nothing to wear”! 

Those days are gone. I am not going to create a new you, I am going to introduce you to the REAL you. The woman who desires to look and feel beautiful, not to be the center of attention, but to be the woman who walks into a room and is admired and respected for being a woman of strength, a woman of style, a woman of substance. Because that’s who you are. All you need to do is learn how to dress on the outside in a way that reflects the woman on the inside. (And if that's something you already have down pat, you want to make sure that you are not intimidating and alienating those around you).

There's no feeling like walking out your front door looking and feeling fantastic, knowing that you nailed it! But there is a far more powerful, meaningful and life changing invitation on offer here. Falling in the love with the woman in the mirror is priceless. It contains a level of freedom that you were born for.

So if you are ready to ditch your frumpy, frustrated, average status quo for a confident, bold, beautiful tomorrow, this is the  ONLY EVENT you need to attend. 

You are ONE STEP away from learning how to build a beautiful wardrobe, on a budget, customized to your body, your profession, and your lifestyle. ONE STEP away from learning how to make the Capsule Wardrobe take your closet from zero to hero. And ONE STEP away from replacing low self-esteem and inconsistent self-confidence with a ROCK SOLID IDENTITY that will form the foundation of your faith, your fashion and your freedom!


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Strategically, we start with the heart. Beauty is an inside job, so you have to start with an intimate understanding of who you are, who you have been thus far. And who it is that you want to become. You are an ever evolving spiritual being. You have the gift of creating your own future. And your spirit of beauty is at the very core of that vision.

This is where we simplify and systemize your get up/dress up routine, eliminating any time or money wasted on wardrobe. The more effective and efficient your personal style system, the more confident and creative you become. Stewarding your gift of time and money is a key part of personal branding. 

This is the ShizNiz of the fashion biz! Here we dive deep into all things hair, make-up, shoes, accessories, capsule wardrobe, online shopping, your body shape, the whole bang shoot. We even get into your toiletries so that absolutely everything becomes simple, practical and beautiful! This is powerful personal style.

I will show you why dressing well is a powerful people skill. And how your personal style can attract amazing people and powerful opportunities into your life. You are wired for color, wired for connection, and wired for community. I don't teach 'get up, dress up, show up’, There is zero commitment in show up. I will show you how to dress to connect. 

By the end of this live event, I will show you how these 4 pillars are rooted in the solid foundation of your identity, and how you can use these building blocks to increase your self-confidence, your influence, your income, and the gift that is your spirit of beauty. Because it is a gift, and it has power, and purpose.


This event is for you if you are done SECOND GUESSING every word that comes out of your mouth, constantly worrying what people think of you. Because if you are critical of yourself, you are equally harsh on those you love.

This is for you if you are done being the bridesmaid and NEVER THE BRIDE. Sexy yet single. Silent tears on your pillow at night, wondering if deep down you really are as lovable as you hope. Wondering if there are any good men out there who will love, honor and protect you. I have good news for you. This is where your outside must line up with your inside.

This event is for you if you are DIVORCED and wondering if there is any hope left at all after a broken heart, lost dreams and shattered hopes, feeling like a failure and petrified of facing life alone. The truth is, you don’t have to.

This event is for you if your PAST TRAUMA OR ABUSE still has a hold on you, forcing you to carry the shame that does not belong to you and playing the blame game that you know you are not called to. The past that produces body shame, dressing down and hiding when you are called to arise and shine.  It's time to play to win.

This invitation has your name all over it if you have been taught binding, RELIGIOUS nonsense that dressing up is a pursuit in vanity and wearing red is evil, both of which may cause a man to stumble. Oh my! Bring your pen, your pad and your bible, honey! Faith in fashion is my favorite topic. We are going straight to The Source of Truth for this one.


This event is especially for you if, like me, you have hated and CONDEMNED YOUR BODY for most of your life…the body that has carried you through illness, through fears and tears and heartbreak. The body that has worn to her best ability what you have dressed, and hidden, her in. The body that has birthed babies, lost babies, endured physical trauma, debilitating illness and other hurts. If you have ever binge eaten and stuck your finger down your throat, retrieved food from the trash can, hidden food in places where only you and your food will meet…this event has your name all over it.


  • A desire for MORE because contrary to what you might have been told, more is GOOD! More sprouts from your spirit of excellence which always aims for better, stronger, faster. You can be supremely grateful for all that you have AND want more. They are not mutually exclusive. Your desire for more is at the heart of your spirit of beauty.

  • A ready heart to say GOODBYE to your comfort zone which is your dead zone. The only thing standing between your comfortable, average status quo and a confident, bold, exciting tomorrow is ACTION. This event is that step.

  • You need to be DONE with wasting time, wasting money, wasting your life dressing down and BLENDING INTO THE BACKGROUND. That is not what you are called to. Maybe you don’t know how exactly to change that. That’s ok. I will show you. But you need to be DONE with dimming your light, playing small and secretly wishing for another life.

  • And to ensure a powerful, dynamic ONLINE EXPERIENCE, all you need is an internet connection, a computer or any smart mobile device, and a quiet area where you can be fully engaged in the live webinar content.

No more apologizing for your ambition, your bold beauty, your drive or your competitive desire to

play to win! No more shrinking back, playing small and dimming your God-given light.


In the words of the late, great Nelson Mandela:

“There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one

you are capable of living.”


Every day we get to choose whether we will face our fears, or succumb, whether we will slay our giants, or run. 




"This program has changed my entire life! As a commercial litigator, I'm pretty grounded, pretty confident, pretty solid in who I am and what I want out of life. But since working with Linda, I cannot put into words just how empowered, confident and inspired I feel! And my husband is loving it!"

Jean-Marie, Texas


"My whole countenance has changed since working with Linda. I'm a strong woman. I know the influence and impact I have on my community, and I am utterly dedicated to my people in every area of my life. What I did not know was that my spirit of beauty was trapped. And learning how to resurrect this powerful, humble spirit is absolutely amazing."

Lesley, Montana


"I cannot express accurately just how much this coaching program has changed my life! I have gone from feeling frustrated and flat, often not taken seriously, to feeling empowered, excited and equipped with life and business skills that have, in such a short period of time, changed not only my personal style but my professional life, too!"

Estella, New Jersey


"It all started with Linda's invitation/challenge to wear a t-shirt that felt wrong, uncomfortable and painful. I have gone from skeptical, guarded, controlled and on the sidelines, to getting up, dressing up and experiencing results that continue to blow me away. I am finally discovering the woman that I was designed to be. I am loving seeing myself through the eyes of my Creator, and the women around me."

Monique, British Columbia


"I have gone from dressing in black and grey and feeling very far away, to losing over 30lb and becoming an ambassador of a global make-up brand! I followed her directions. I did all the assignments. And, sure, this is incredible for me as a woman, but I love how Linda has taught me how to 'dress to connect' and do life with amazing women all around me. I am just getting started!"

Larissa Palozzolo, Texas


"I had no idea how much influence I had, how much creativity was waiting to be released through the power of personal style...or what a powerful, beautiful community of women existed in the world until I met Linda. Her love for women and her passion for fashion is a powerful combination. My increased self-confidence has boosted my creativity and I really appreciate being a woman of substance and influence and appreciating every little thing about my body & my beauty."

Alma, Denmark


"As a photographer, it's easy to hide behind my camera. Easy enough that I lost myself somewhere along the way. I am so grateful to have learned from Linda that personal style is not just a beautiful gift, but also a smart business tool that is representative of who I am and the professional service I offer my clients. And I have loved saying "yes" to red!" 

Kim Bomberger, North Carolina

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"My traumatic past has made me the strong, independent woman I am today. But my experience with leadership and especially with women has been painful, even damaging. I am grateful and excited to have found a woman on the other side of social media, the other side of the world, whose heart is as real as her marketing, who walks her talk. I feel loved, embraced, honored and excited to release more of my passionate, creative, crazy, loving heart through this program!"

Magin, Hawai'i





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Who better to teach you the power of self confidence than the Guinness World Record holder of the most bungee jumps in one hour???

If there is one thing that Linda understands, it is the difference between self- esteem and self-confidence and how they both tie in to the power of personal style. With 33 years business' experience across 44 countries, including winning national sales awards in the UK and working with global corporate brands across America, Asia and Europe, Linda's business background is central to how she equips her clients to be confident on camera and confident in the marketplace.

Linda cites her role on Nelson Mandela’s PR and Communications team in 1998 as one of her major career highlights. She says he, "...wore humility like a emanated from him." Mandela's example of leadership, humility, vision, passion, compassion and personal style  continues to inspire Linda.

Linda Macaskill Potgieter
Founder & CEO

With a passion for faith, fashion and freedom, Linda's unique understanding of a woman's spirit of beauty is what sets her apart. It is this insight and personal experience that produced a blended learning program accessible by any woman across the globe that is both simple, powerful and life changing. It is this ground breaking coaching program that is setting women all over the world free in body, their beauty and identity. 


Linda lives with her husband and 2 children in South Africa. When she’s not building her business, she is traveling with her family, ticking off bucket list items and eating, drinking and shopping around the world! A passionate and tenacious woman, Linda’s loves are faith, family, food and fashion, and a dash of bold red or hot pink lipstick!



Jan Potgieter is the Founder and CEO of Imperium Global Negotiation Solutions and Chairman of LindaPaige. A seasoned executive, Jan is highly motivated by Linda's unique approach to enabling women to realize their full potential in both their business and personal lives. Jan brings strategic insight to the LindaPaige team and contributes practically through his experience teaching business negotiation skills to global corporations. Jan has witnessed the impact of Linda's coaching programs first hand, not only on her clients, but on his own family. A family man, Jan loves to be a part of an enterprise that quite literally has generational impact. 

Jan Potgieter, Chairman
WhatsApp Image 2022-11-18 at 17.07.06.jpg

Jason epitomizes the heart of this team! His commitment to learning and building something unique alongside his dedication to his family and his people are traits that make him a truly rare and highly valuable human being.

He has a wealth of experience running large, complex teams under pressure.  His people skills are one of his strongest yet most natural talents. This, combined with that winning smile and a wicked sense of humour, Jason does far more than create and manage processes in support of the women who he loves to see rise up and excel in life. He is also husband to a gorgeous brunette about to give to birth number 3 under 3!

Jason Aquadro, Operations Manager
WhatsApp Image 2022-11-18 at 17.06.27.jpg

Our very own Foxy Lady. Don't be fooled by Natalie's pretty face. She is loving, caring, devoted and loyal. But she is also not once but twice a world triathlete champion in 2 very different decades of her life. Her level of diligence and consistency is very rarely found.

Natalie is one of those beauties in the background whose eye for detail and appreciation of excellence supports the goals of our clients who also desire personal achievement and distinction. Nats lives in South Africa and is Mom to a gorgeous double of herself whose physical and academic achievements boggle the brain. But like her Mom, her heart is her strongest muscle.

Natalie Fox, Executive Assistant
WhatsApp Image 2022-11-17 at 07.25.23.jpg

How many analytical, logical, rational thinkers do you know whose people skills match - if not surpass  their critical academic minds? Allow me to introduce you to an extremely unique, beautiful and gifted woman, whose academic achievements at 24 are awe inspiring. Robynne was recruited by Linda whilst working for one of the most recognized and respected global brands in the world. It was entirely due to how she served her clients, presented herself and connected with a humble confidence that caught Linda's attention, and resulted in a job offer when that local branch closed down. Robynne is one of the newest members of The Golden Key Society, an international honors organization that recognizes the top 15% achievers in their field. Robynne's role with LindaPaige is to personalize our clients' experience, and to lead our digital sales & marketing statistics unit. 

Robynne Abrams
Client Care Advocate

There is nobody else on the planet giving away the level of detail and value on the topic of self-esteem, self-confidence and personal style as Linda is doing right now – and for FREE. So be smart. Book your seat. We will relish your ‘thank you’s’ later.

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