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Hello, gorgeous!

Thank you for visiting LindaPaige, and for being in our growing community if you are a client or a member of ‘Dress To Connect’.

Our company is expanding rapidly, which is a great problem to have! As such, we are always on the lookout for amazing people who have the hunger, the humility, and the skill set to join our team and help us to fulfill our mission of empowering women to get up, dress up and be that bold light on a hill. 

In particular, we are focusing primarily on expanding our sales force, which means that we are building up a valuable vault of experienced, driven, integrous women who want to work remotely and enjoy a competitive, lucrative role with a small but global and growing business. 

If that’s you, you will have substantial sales expertise with a track record evidencing your results over the years. You will enjoy working autonomously but also fit well into a small team that connects and communicates regularly. You will be inspired by the mission to bring women out from the cold and into the bold, as I like to say. You will either be a client who has invested in herself through my coaching program, or you will choose to sign up as an investment in yourself and your sales negotiation career. The content and first-hand experience of the program is partly what will give you the confidence, knowledge, and expertise to lead fruitful, trustworthy conversations on your sales calls.

So if that’s you, if you are hungry and humble, driven, communicative, and keen to join an exciting mission that builds self-confidence, self-esteem, influence, power, and personal style, then I would love to hear from you!

Go ahead and email with your ONE PAGE resume together with a short paragraph on why you are drawn to this opportunity and a summary of your sales-specific numbers and results. Following these directions is what gets your resume into the file. Sending a 7-page resume with no sales results and no cover letter (it happens!) is what gets your email deleted by our Operations Manager. Following directions is a key ingredient alongside your expertise. We have built a sales and marketing system that is powerful, focused, and delivers results. So if you’re interested, we’d love to keep your details on file.

In the interim, expand your influence by inviting friends/contacts into ‘Dress To Connect’ by using the INVITE button at the top of the group home page. I run free regular webinars, challenges, and events that alone have changed women’s lives, minds, and closets!

Who knows, maybe you and I get to work together to help women all over the world to arise and shine!

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