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Through The Power Of Personal Style


A woman with short blonde hair smiles while wearing a white, ruffled blouse and large, ornate earrings. She is seated indoors, with natural light illuminating her face and a relaxed, joyful expression.

Ready to take the stressing out of dressing? 

Ready to stop waiting for the weight? No more dressing down and blending into the background. Say goodbye to your frumpy, frustrated status quo, and hello to a confident, bold, beautiful tomorrow!

To LindaPaige

Welcome to LindaPaige, where style meets confidence! At LindaPaige, we believe in empowering women through personalized fashion advice and transformative style journeys. Explore our expert tips, curated collections, and inspiring stories to unlock your true potential and elevate your personal style. Join our vibrant community and start your journey towards a more confident, stylish you today!

Want To Join The LindaPaige Community?

At LindaPaige, we offer a range of exclusive opportunities designed to empower and inspire your personal style journey. Book a free strategy session to discover the transformative power of beauty, fashion, confidence, and personal style with Linda's 30 years of experience as your guide. Sign up for our upcoming webinar to gain valuable insights and practical tips, and experience the magic of LindaPaige live in Dallas, where you'll connect with like-minded individuals. For our VIP clients, don't miss the Spirit of Beauty Tour to South Africa – an unforgettable adventure combining luxury, style, and cultural exploration. Follow the instructions to schedule your session and start your journey today.


Are you ready to witness the incredible transformations and hear the inspiring testimonials of those who have embraced their true style? Visit our Style Stories page to see stunning before-and-after photos and read heartwarming stories from clients of LindaPaige. Discover how they went from feeling unsure to shining with confidence, just like you can. Click the link below and start your journey towards a confident, bold, and beautiful tomorrow!

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Listen To Linda's Podcast

Welcome to the LindaPaige Podcast, "Kickass Confidence with Linda"! Join Linda, a Confidence Coach and Stylist, as she empowers women to build beautiful, budget-friendly wardrobes tailored to their bodies, professions, and lifestyles.


Beyond fashion, Linda's mission is to help women fall in love with the person they see in the mirror, teaching that beauty begins in the heart and confidence is cultivated. With her guidance, you'll discover that style is a skill with a unique recipe. It's your time to arise and shine!

 Linda, a style and confidence coach from, adjusts her colorful earrings while looking into a mirror. She wears a blue floral blouse and a silver watch, exuding elegance and poise in a bright, airy room.

about Linda

Born and raised in South Africa with British roots, and having traveled and worked in 44 countries, Linda is a wife, mother, business woman and Confidence Coach who teaches women self-confidence, self-esteem, and the power of personal style.

Linda cites her role on Nelson Mandela's PR and Communications team in 1998 as one of her major career highlights. His humility and powerful people skills massively impacted her. In 2006, she won a Sales Negotiation award with the ISMM in Britain, and spent the majority of her corporate career selling and delivering B2B negotiation training solutions across Europe, Asia, and the USA to the likes of adidas, Nokia, Vodafone, IBM, Macquarie Bank, Victrex and Network Rail.

With a powerful story of overcoming an abusive childhood and investing many years in her personal and professional development, Linda is passionate about empowering women with tools and strategies to help them live a confident, bold, and beautiful life. By teaching a biblical perspective on a woman's identity, body, and internal and external beauty, her coaching program helps women to simplify and systemize their closets and learn simple but powerful style skills that boost confidence, influence, and income. This powerful, practical coaching has transformed lives all over the world. But the secret sauce to Linda’s program is how she teaches women to fall in love with the woman in the mirror. The LindaPaige woman is committed to getting up, dressing up and being a bold light on a hill.

Having returned to South Africa in 2019 after 20 years abroad, Linda is passionate about community and dedicated to helping to rebuild and restore people and homes in her country. A woman who walks her talk and challenges her own confidence, Linda broke a bungee jumping Guinness World Record in 2022 at Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa. She now holds the Guinness World Record title for the most bungee jumps (23) in 1 hour.

A passionate and tenacious woman, Linda's loves are faith, family, food and fashion, and a dash of bold red lipstick!

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