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Join Linda at LINDAPAIGE-LIVE on the
21st & 22nd of June 2024 in Dallas, Texas,
and learn how to harness the power of 
personal style and restore your self-confidence!

Plus Q&A With Linda, Cocktail Reception and So Much More

Let LindaPaige-Live Equip You For Style Success

Waiting for the weight? Learn how to identify and dress your specific body shape.

Drained and depressed after divorce? Let Linda help you to cast fresh new vision for an exciting future.

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride? Come and learn how Linda's clients go from single to sexy, dating and married.

No time, no money? Come and learn how to create a simple, predictable get up/dress up routine with a closet that positions you for a powerful, productive day.

Hate shopping? That's only because you don't have the recipe. There are ingredients and there is a method. Once you have that, you'll become your own Style Guru.

Queen of low self-esteem? Learn from Linda how to identify your true purpose in life, and how to build a beautiful wardrobe that reflects on the outside, the woman on the inside. 

A woman with long blonde hair, wearing a leopard print cardigan, red pants, and turquoise cowboy boots, sitting on green grass, representing vibrant and unique personal fashion styles.

Who Is This Event For?

This event is for women who want to restore their self-esteem, boost their self-confidence, and expand their influence, income, and fulfillment in life. Specifically designed for women over the age of 18, this gathering is an exclusive opportunity to connect with peers who share your aspirations and challenges.

Practically, Linda will empower and equip you with the style strategies to build a beautiful wardrobe on a budget, according to your body shape and your lifestyle. But secretly, she will help you to fall in love with the woman in the mirror. That’s the gold behind this ticket. Moreover, through intimate workshops and engaging discussions, you will explore what it truly means to embody grace and strength at every stage of womanhood. Join us to celebrate and harness the collective power of women coming together to uplift and inspire each other.

Linda Paige event banner with text 'Dallas, Texas 21&22 June 2024', featuring Linda speaking into a microphone

What Can You Expect?

It would be easier to say what not to expect! Linda will be teaching you why what you wear impacts everything in your life and how to dress on the outside to reflect the woman on the inside.


She will teach you precisely how to evict the perfectionist, how to stop waiting for the weight, go from overlooked to overbooked, how to identify and dress your body shape, apply her 123-Color-Me methodology, learn how her other clients went from single to married, how to use posture and body language to create positive perceptions, how to establish a powerful, predictable get up/dress up morning routine, how to shop, from which brands, how to mix and match…and so much more!

Linda Paige event with text 'Dallas, Texas 21&22 June 2024', featuring a confident woman speaking to a crowd

Radical Results

This is not your regular personal development conference. This 2-day practical, visual workshop is designed to remove the blinkers and boulders holding you back and transform your life from frumpy and frustrated to confident, bold, and beautiful!


Come and learn from a woman who has overcome physical, sexual, and emotional abuse and eliminated the pain and shame of her body.


Come and meet the woman who used to hate the woman in the mirror - no matter what she weighed, what she wore, or what she won – she was her own professional critic.


Come and meet Linda and learn just how she went from the Queen of Low Self Esteem to getting up, dressing up, high-fiving the woman in the mirror, and being a confident, bold light on a hill!

Style Is Just A Skill


Learn from Linda how color and style is all around you


Transform your life with this one powerful tool


From Zoom to Ted, be ready for any stage


Learn how to deal with and heal from past trauma


How to be taken seriously in the marketplace


How to work with, not against, your beautiful body


Why this one color is so life changing!


Black background with white text 'Hot Topics', indicating trending discussions in fashion and personal style
Split image: woman with camera in studio and woman on catwalk, titled 'Your Catwalk to Confidence'

What is that secret weapon that women are not using?


Why you need a different strategy online


What does Linda mean when she says that?


How to actively, practically build your confidence daily


Become a powerful, influential force with the younger generations

Closet organized with handbags, shoes, and clothes, accompanied by the text 'Organized, Simplified, and Systemized'.


Bring some budget to upgrade your jewelry box!


Does God care about what you wear?


How, precisely, to build a beautiful wardrobe on a budget

123 - COLOR ME

Removing the complexity of what colors are right for you


The frightening facts about your fashion habits

Smiling woman in black and white striped top with text 'No More Waiting for the Weight', promoting body confidence

Special Promotion!

Purchase four tickets and receive the fifth one for free! Bring your friends, family, or colleagues and share this incredible journey together. Don’t miss out on this chance to unlock a more confident, stylish you. Secure your tickets now and step into a life-changing experience with LindaPaige!

What To Wear


“Never have I ever had so much fun dressing up for a 2-day conference!” That’s what you will be saying after this experience.


When it comes to what to wear this weekend, follow Linda’s lead: GET UP, DRESS UP, AND BE A BOLD LIGHT ON A HILL. 

Where else will you meet some of the incredible women you’ve been learning and doing life with the past few years, or meet the amazing women of the LindaPaige community for the first time, and look and feel your absolute best, KNOWING that as you walk into the room, you will be admired and respected for the woman you are?

Woman in a teal off-the-shoulder top and pink skirt with the text 'What to Wear', promoting fashion advice.

Where else will you enjoy a creative license to dress in a way that says, “This is me”? We’re not talking over the top crazy, although that has its place; we’re simply saying be intentional, be sharp, and dress in a way that will position you to listen, learn, laugh, and connect! You never know who you’re going to meet. And what you wear is an extension, an expression, of you.

SO, DRESS TO CONNECT. That’s the dress code. 

Travel home to Dallas: Be intentional about what you wear as you travel. Your personal style is not limited to what you wear but includes your luggage, your airport body language, your make-up bag, everything. So use this special event to train yourself to get up, dress up and intend to attract and meet some amazing people and opportunities!

Thursday 20 June, 18h30 to 20h00
Friday 21 June, 07h00 to 08h00

Day 1: BOLD & BEAUTIFUL  (09h00 - 18h00)

Evening Live Q&A with Linda: (19h00 - 22h00) Smart Casual, Comfy & Curious – bring your pen and pad, bring your questions, and connect with Linda in a more relaxed, intimate setting where you are invited to ask her any question you need help with. Geography, Physics, and Math are excluded. Fashion Math allowed.

Day 2: FUN WITH FASHION ( 09h00 - 17h00)

(Optional) SEXY, SASSY SOCIAL: (19h00 till late) You’re invited to hang out with Linda and the crew to meet, greet, eat, and create some memories.

Travel Dallas to Home: Plan and pack an outfit that will reflect the fantastic time you just had. Comfortable and stylish are not mutually exclusive. Be smart. Be comfortable. Be a bold light.

As for the woman to your right and to your left this weekend, remember: SHE IS AMAZING. You’ve never walked a day in her shoes. You don’t have a clue what she’s going through. Yet, here she is, investing in herself to be the best she can be, learning to overcome, to arise and shine. A confident woman actively looks for opportunities to uplift other women! So before you even walk into day 1, your first invitation is to meet and receive her as the pretty damn spectacular woman she is. 

Introvert, extrovert, or other-vert, introduce yourself. Make connections. DRESS TO CONNECT. Wear on the outside outfits that communicate the woman on the inside. You are wired for COLOR, for COMMUNITY, and for CONNECTION.

We can’t wait to see what you wear!

What you wear impacts EVERYTHING: your money, your mood, your marriage, your mojo. Joining the LindaPaige community means that you will start learning instantly how to identify your own personal style and remove your dependency on all the fashion fads and mags out there. Whether you work in an office, from home, whether you’re a homeschooling Mom, a realtor, a part-time business owner, or anything in between, Linda is passionate about helping women learn that STYLE IS JUST A SKILL. From dresses to jeans to blazers to weddings to dates, smart casual or red carpet outfits, Linda’s expertise dates back to when she started working at age 17, where she says, “What I wore got me in the door.” 


What To Wear

Let's Talk Money, Honey

Hosted by Linda herself, Founder and CEO of LindaPaige Ltd, this live workshop with empower and equip you to build a beautiful wardrobe on a budget, entirely customized to your body, your lifestyle, and your budget.


And something that 99% of women are completely unaware of is the frightening financial facts of their fashion habits! Most women do not have a set closet budget. They don’t track their purchases, online or in-store. Whether they love or hate shopping, most women are wasting thousands of dollars of cash straight into the trash every year simply due to one thing: a LACK OF SKILL. As Linda says, “Style is just a skill”. And your hard earned money plays a central role to your closet, your confidence and your career.

Fashion consultant in pink blazer with the text 'Let’s Talk Money, Honey! Looking good is not expensive,' promoting style con

Looking good does not need to break the bank. Linda is not a designer shopper. She is a woman, wife, mother and businesswoman who enjoys variety, uniqueness and diversity. And she knows where to find it, in what color, at what price, and how to make it work for her. So whether you are lacking in style and shopping skills, or whether you are that well dressed powerhouse whose closet screams CONFIDENCE…always be scaling up. Linda is the real deal when it comes to looking good, feeling confident and harnessing the power of personal style in business, at home, and in life.

Tickets are limited, and registration comes on a first-come-served basis so get in the game and get registered right now!

Prices include 2 full days of live coaching with Linda herself, no other speakers, including a live Q&A session on the first evening, where Linda will answer any question you have regarding your self-confidence, self-esteem, personal style, and success in life.  And to ensure the fun factor she is always talking about, you are also invited to join her for an optional end of event soirée as we wrap up day 2!

NOTE: Yes, your ticket includes 2 and ½ days with Linda live, but what is behind your ticket??? Linda is bringing her 35 years of global business experience across 44 countries, her 34 years of WHAT I WORE GOT ME IN THE DOOR expertise, and her personal style tools and strategies from the boardroom to the beach to the bedroom! This ticket is your shortcut, your fast track, to avoiding all the common pitfalls out there and developing your own beautiful sense of style. She will show you just how closely connected your confidence and your closet are, and how you can make small changes for big impact on the very same day!

THAT'S NOT ALL! The top 5 delegates that bring the most friends to the event will enjoy lunch with Linda on day 1. That's a full, up close and personal hour with Linda where she will take you to the next level of confidence and personal style. Plus, for those who read the detail, if you bring and book 4 new friends to the LindaPaige community, your 5th ticket is on us! So be smart, take advantage of the influence you have to help others, and the reward on offer to attend for free!


Registration is open - get your ticket now!

  • 20 March - 31 May 2024 -- $395

  • 1 June - 21 June 2024   -- $475





Hundreds and hundreds of hours have been invested in finding the right venue for this exciting event, with YOU in mind. From location to facilities to reduced room rates, we are excited to meet you - many of you for the first time - in downtown Dallas. 

Be sure to call the hotel ahead of the event if you have any personal preferences or requests that will make your stay more comfortable. The team we have built a relationship with at the Dallas Marriott is professional, personable and welcoming.

Night view of downtown Dallas with the Marriott hotel prominently lit, symbolizing luxury and style.

"Enjoy invigorating workouts in our fully equipped, 24-hour fitness center, or savor flavorful American cuisine and outstanding brunch at Centric Bar & Grille. After exploring Dallas, retreat to our hotel's beautifully redesigned rooms and suites with plush premium bedding, ergonomic workspaces, flat-screen TVs with Netflix streaming capabilities and more."

The special discounted group rate we have negotiated with the Dallas Marriott Downtown covers a limited number of rooms. BOOK YOUR ROOM TODAY.


Use this link to reserve your room now and latest by the 31st of May 2024. 

Want to find out more about the hotel and what else to do in the area?

Use these links to get all the information you need!

Success Stories

About Linda

Born and raised in South Africa with British roots, and having traveled and worked in 44 countries, Linda is wife to Jan, Mom to Jamie and Paige, and a Confidence Coach who teaches women self-confidence, self-esteem, and the power of personal style.

Linda cites her role on Nelson Mandela's PR and Communications team in 1998 as one of her major career highlights. The combination of his humility and people skills is what Linda aspires to as a leader. In 2006, she won the 'Best New Sales Professional in Britain' award with the ISMM for her sales negotiation skills, and she spent the majority of her corporate career selling and delivering B2B negotiation training solutions across Europe, Asia, and the USA to the likes of adidas, Nokia, Vodafone, IBM, Macquarie Bank, Victrex and Network Rail.

Woman in a coral sweater and jeans lounging on a sofa, exuding style confidence and showcasing relaxed personal fashion

With a powerful story of overcoming an abusive childhood and investing many years in her personal and professional development, Linda is passionate about empowering her clients with tools and strategies to help them live a confident, bold, and beautiful life. By teaching a biblical perspective on a woman's identity, body, and internal and external beauty, her coaching program helps women to simplify and systemize their closets and learn simple but powerful style skills that boost confidence, influence, and income. This powerful, practical coaching has transformed lives all over the world. But the secret sauce to Linda’s program is how she teaches women to fall in love with the woman in the mirror. The LindaPaige woman is committed to getting up, dressing up and being a bold light on a hill.

Linda is equally passionate about investing in the community and regards this as a responsibility that has her frequently involved in raising funds for charitable organizations. Having returned to South Africa in 2019 after 20 years abroad, she is dedicated to rebuilding and restoring people and homes in her country. A woman who walks her talk and challenges her own confidence, in August 2022, Linda broke a bungee jumping Guinness World Record at Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa. She now holds the Guinness World Record title for the most bungee jumps (23) in 1 hour.

A passionate and tenacious woman, Linda's loves are faith, family, food and fashion, and a dash of bold red lipstick!

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